Tough Competitor-Katelyn Shaw- Inboard Hydroplane Racing wanted to spotlight, Katelyn Shaw, who loves the sport of hydroplane racing.

Katelyn was born into the sport of hydroplane racing and attended her first boat race when she was only 6 months old. Katelynn’s dad began racing in the 70’s and was quite successful.  He later moved to the officiating side of the sport when her brothers became old enough to race. In the inboard division, one can begin racing when they are 14 years old in the 1.5 litre stock class. Katelyn did not want to start driving right away.  She left the driving to her twin brother and  began to officiate. At 16, Katelyn received and award for being one of the top officials in the inboard division.  At 25, a friend offered her his Sportsman Entry Flatbottom, a run-about hull that runs a 350 small block as its’ power plant, she fell in love with racing boats.
When she returned from her test session a fellow competitor offered to let her campaign one of his boats. She began in the sportsman entry class in 2014 and drove a 1.5 litre stock hydroplane. She was the East Coast Rookie of the Year and Region 3 Rookie of the Year for the 2014 season. In 2015, she moved into a more competitive boat and had a great season finishing just off of the podium in the national standings. She also helped out with racing events in New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania.
In 2016, she was the first female to ever win 1st Overall, in a flatbottom class, in Stuart, Florida. Over the course of the season, she took two First Place Finishes and several Podium Finishes. Wrapping up the season in 2nd place in the national standings she will now go to Los Angeles in January to receive her award!
When Katelyn is not racing, she resides in NJ and works as a Special Education Teacher at a Middle and High School. Her profession, as a teacher, allows her the flexibility to race during the season which is something she loves.
The Southern California Speedboat Club, an organization similar to APBA who runs mostly flatbottom boats has recently announced that they will be forming a female only runabout class where women will be given the opportunity to run the same type of boat that Katelyn is currently racing. The class will debut March 24-25 in Parker, AZ and she is hoping to see more women become involved in the sport as is BoaterChicks!
Other females include: Courtney Stewart-1.5 l stock class and Jersey Speed Skiffs, Samantha Ewancio- 1.5 l stock, Peg Ewancio- rider in a jersey speed skiff, Kathleen Maurer- 1 litre modified.