Spotlight on Driver Kersey Segger 2017 ThunderCat Racing

I have not had the opportunity to meet Kersey Elizabeth Segger but, I have spent considerable time researching just who this ThunderCat Driver is and what she likes to do. First of all, lets talk about ThunderCat Racing. ThunderCat Boats are purpose built 4m inflatable catamarans coupled with a 50hp motor. A driver and a co-driver work together competing in 3 challenging disciplines: surf, enduro and long haul courses. There is a great ThunderCat Website if you care to learn more about the sport and see video highlights and photos.
Kersey currently lives in Bristol and works for The Ministry of Defense as a Nuclear Weapons Engineer. Now that information alone, gets my interest level pumping. Kelsey got into boating when she moved to Plymouth to start her career in engineering she was eighteen years old at the time. After doing a bit of sailing she discovered that type of boating didn’t really do much for her.
In 2015, Kersey got into P750 ThunderCat Racing by meeting up with an old school friend, Andy Cousins, in a pub at Christmas. Kersey knew that Andy had been racing ThunderCats from his Facebook page posts. Kersey had an interest in what looked like a really cool sport especially for an adrenaline junkie with a penchant for going fast. Andy invited Kersey to try her hand as a co-pilot for the ThunderCat 2016 Season and she was hooked.
This year, Kersey was given the opportunity to pilot a boat and is being sponsored by Kingfisher Fire and Security. Kersey has a co-pilot, James Blackman, and she informed me that they were doing quite well several months ago in this 2017 Season so I did a little more research.
Currently, looking at The 2017 ThunderCat Championship Driver Standings on the website, Kersey is 6th out of 15 drivers which is incredible considering this is only her second year of racing and her first year as pilot. A couple last observations about Kersey, she loves life which is clearly evident by her facebook pictures of one adventure to another all in vary different locations and climates. Good Luck Kersey with the rest of your season and perhaps next year you may have an all girl team. You are one impressive BoaterChick!