Spotlight: Nikki Sorenson Designs Boater Bling for Keep Collective.

Meet Nikki Sorenson, a BoaterChick, I came into contact with through a mutual friend Pete Boden. Nikki is a part of a  fun, crazy,  powerboating group that runs on The Lake of the Ozarks.  Nikki is also a very successful designer with KEEP Collective Jewelry. This newer jewelry line’s mission is not only to encourage women to deign keepsakes about  their life but to be strong and independent. Nikki’s designs are both personal and unique and align with her passion for boating. Nikki has many Speed on the Water friends that have picked up on the success of her line and are now wearing her bling with a purpose designs.

Nikki has always loved being on the water and for her 40th birthday her “Bestie” gave her 3 KEEP Bracelets.  She loved the KEEP line so much that she jumped at the opportunity to become an independent designer.  Nikki saw the opportunity to design “Bling with a Purpose” as a natural fit and began reaching out to all the people she met through her boating lifestyle.  The success of her business and her story just grew from there.

KEEP Collective allows Nikki a creative outlet to be herself plus the flexibility to run her own property management business, Elite Errands Concierge LLC.  Boating has opened a lot of doors for Nikki and she has crossed paths with people she never would have met if she were land locked.  She loves her life in LOTO. Plus, as a result of her passion for the water she got to meet and marry her husband Chuck. To hear Nikki tell it, “Chuck is her perfect, quirky, funny and carefree match!”

If you would like to see Nikki’s line please go to Products Page where Nikki’s line is featured along with a link that goes directly to her on-line store.  Or you can follow this link: