Reaching speeds of 180mph–New women’s record is set!

I met Debbie Bull in Key West at the Offshore World Championships in Key West, Florida. Debbie has a great personality and was eager to encourage other women boaters. What makes Debbie such a role model is she climbed into the driver seat of she and her husband’s 52-foot MTI catamaran, #3, and along with her throttle-man, Randy Scism, broke the women’s speed record, which was 156mph, reaching a speed of 180mph! This 180mph run makes Debbie the fastest woman in LOTO Shootout History. The Shootout is a one-mile course at the Lake of the Ozarks in Central Missouri and has been held annually for 27 years. Lisa Matthews was the previous female record holder when she ran 156mph with Randy Kent 10 years earlier.
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