It’s Official…Coleman and Olderin are teaming up in the US!


Boat #03, Pertemps Powerboat Racing Team, and VOR, Veronica Olderin Racing, are officially teaming up for the 3rd round of the P1 Superstock USA Championship in Jacksonville, Florida, Saturday, June 4th. The all girl team will be driving the Central Florida Crimeline Boat. The event will take place at Jacksonville’s Memorial Park and starts at 11am. Admission is free. There will be great areas to view the race at the park or out on the St. John’s River. If you are not familiar with the boats that will be used in the upcoming race, P1 Superstock Panthers are 28ft sport race boats that are powered by the award winning Evinrude 250HO ETEC engine. This propels the boats to speeds up to 70+mph. The race itself is the next generation of motorsports. Racing that is exciting for the racers and the fans. P1 Superstock has an international appeal, recognition and media exposure.

On average, there are 8 to 10 boats racing against each other with the same boat, same engine, and the same performance the only difference between the winning and losing is the race team. P1 Superstock lets the pilots battle it out on the water through every turn and every wave jump. Its an acid test of a team’s ability to command the boat through demanding conditions.
Superstock race courses are tight, two miles in length and are run close to the shore. There are typically 5 rounds or race weekends in a season and racers get up to three races over a weekend. The teams battle all the elements to win their National Championship, earning them the right to race in a World Championship.

One of the two female team members, Daisy Coleman, will be traveling to Jacksonville from her home in Saundersfoot, Wales.  Daisy is an impressive example of a BoaterChick.  Daisy started out as a new-comer to powerboat racing in 2012 and just a few years time is now regarded as a real talent in her sport.  Daisy competes internationally in the P1 Powerboat racing series and has had several podium finishes and has carried the checkered flag in Florida before. Coleman Racing and more information about Daisy can be found on Coleman Racing Twitter Page or Facebook Page.

Veronica Olderin will be driving the Central Florida Crimeline Boat in the upcoming Jacksonville Race.  Veronica made history in world offshore racing last February, 2015, when the World Professional Powerboat Association welcomed the “first ever” female driver to the UIM XCAT World Series.  Veronica also owns an all girl offshore team.  The name of the team is Veronica Olderin Racing, or VOR, and more information can be found on her team’s facebook page.  In 2015, Olderin and her team competed in the Offshore Class 3B Series and won the World Championship!