Inspired by Speed!


Meet Summer Richardson who is from beautiful Southern California.  On the first day of the 2015 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout competition, she drove her DCB F32 catamaran with twin 1,050-hp engines from Teague Custom Marine to a top speed of 147 mph along the one-mile course.  Although Summer didn’t win her class, she bested the 143-mph top-speed she ran along Arizona’s Lake Havasu that landed her the Queen of the Desert crown at the Desert Storm Poker Run in April, 2015.  I had several friends attend the Lake of the Ozarks event and they were particularly impressed by Summer’s handling of the 32-foot boat by herself.  She was very adapt at controlling the boat while idling for some time with a lot of other boats idling alongside on the lake.  (The majority of the information contained in this article was kindly made available by  Jason Johnson, Columnist, Speed on the Water. to build upon last year’s successful Shootout performances in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Summer Richardson is excited to announce that she’ll be “gunning for the big boys” this year with assistance from her husband, Travis, and father Don London.  Summer said she plans to compete in several Shootouts this year in the Swoop Motorsports-campaigned 38-foot Skater powered by a pair of 1,800-hp Carson Brummett engines.

Summer realizes that because of the power and size of the 38-foot Skater she plans on being on top of her game.  The boat is named Dial 911 in honor of her father’s former flat-bottom drag boat.  Summer plans on doing a lot of testing between now and the Desert Storm event.  Summer credits her success with the continued support from everyone involved with the family-driven Swoop Motorsports team.

It is really neat to see the excitement and attention around Summer who was featured in OffshoreOnly the week after running the 147-mph at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout.  It is great to see the competition build and these events get more attention because of the female representation.  Summer hopes to represent all of the women out there and believes that stronger female involvement could bring more recognition to the sport and agrees!

Summer and her husband have a website, Swoop Motorsports, which should be updated by the end of April. and invite you to visit the site. The site has a lot of innovative features they are excited to show off.  Summer also plans to be running a Shootout team with the Skater and a poker run team with the Swoop Motorsports DCB.  She and her team look forward to an exciting and busy season.

The majority of the information in this article was provided by Jason Johnson, Columnist,  Speed on the Water.  The original article can be found at the following link:       Look for Swoop There It Is!