Upcoming Events

We wanted to announce that on Saturday, June 4th, 2016, Sweden’s, Veronica Olderin will be in Jacksonville, Florida to drive one of the P1 Panthers in the P1 SUPERSTOCK Grand Prix of the Sea in Memorial Park. The event starts at 11am and Admission is free. For further information you can go to
Additionally, Veronica will be participating in the Jacksonville Fun Run weekend which starts with “Skip Day”, June 10th, followed by a Fun Run to “Renegades on the River” in Crescent City, FL. Look for Veronica to be driving one of the 23′ Argo Cats. Veronica is the current UIM, Class 3B, World Champion. Veronica is also the first and only female driver to race in the UIM XCAT World Series. We hope you will come out to see Veronica while she is in the US.