A series of firsts for Sweden’s Veronica Olderin.


History was made in the world of offshore racing last February, 2015, when the World Professional Powerboat Association welcomed the “first ever” female driver to the UIM XCAT World Series. Meet Sweden’s  28 year-old, Veronica Olderin, who broke into the all male series for the first time after racing since she was a teenager.   Certainly no stranger to powerboat racing, Olderin, who has a lot of racing experience is now part of the XCAT  racing world.  Read more to find out what Olderin accomplished since the time of this original article. (The majority of information for this article was kindly made available by Jason Johnson, Speed on the Water.  http://speedonthewater.com  Look for “World series gets injection of girl power”).

I reached out to Veronica Olderin and she responded with the following exciting information.  Veronica is most proud of being the first woman to ever enter the XCAT series.  Making history is no small feet for this 28 year-old.  During the 2015 series she raced at 3 different venues as part of the Raheeb team from Kuwait.  Veronica also owns an all girl offshore team.  The name of the team is Veronica Olderin Racing, or VOR,  and more can information and some awesome pictures can be found on the the team’s Facebook page.  VOR is the only “all girl team” competing in the Offshore Class 3B series.  In 2015, Olderin and her team won the World Championship! The team also placed 3rd in the Nordic Championship.  Olderin is the first female to win the World Championship since 1984 and the first female ever to compete in the 3B Class of offshore racing.

Olderin started to race in 2006 with her father who has been competing her whole life.  Olderin purchased her first boat in 2007, it was an Argcat with a 2 liter inboard engine.  Olderin raced in the same class as her father until 2013.

Now Olderin and the VOR team are getting ready for the 2016 season.  Olderin will race in the Offshore Class 3B series  but this time she will be racing to defend her title as 2015 World Champion.  This year Olderin will be the driver and her Navigator will be, 25 year-old, Kristina Coleman,  Olderin hopes to race full time and in bigger classes, travel more, and try new and different kinds of boats.  She is also looking to find sponsors that can help VOR continue to break  world records.  I particularly like a quote from Olderin, “Boat racing has nothing to do with gender, it is all about how good you are as a driver”.  BoaterChicks couldn’t be happier to have made the connection with this superstar on the water and in life. We will be closely following Olderin this year and look forward to reporting more firsts in 2016.