Summer Intern

We want to welcome our new Summer Intern, Kat McQueen, now with Kat just returned from a semester in Ireland and started with us at the beginning of June. Kat is a marketing major at Kennesaw State University, (KSU). So far, Kat has been instrumental in setting up our Instagram on-line sales feature. Kat has also been scouting for new models for our Instagram page. Our first model, Bailey, a rambunctious French Bulldog did not go exactly smoothly. Bailey was the model that was supposed to be modeling the new red, white and blue rhinestone visor. Kat is currently working on expanding our markets on social media and designing a new crop-top for our merchandise line. Kat is also looking to identify Instagram models for the Performance Boating Marketplace in the event you have any suggestions-please send them our way on Facebook.